Health Design

The "M" word.

Again “Mañana” to start making changes?

Stop stalling and start designing your new life without further delay!  

Go for a walk, lift some weights, do some yoga, Tai Chi, stretching or go jog a bit. Alone, with a friend, with your mom, with your dog, with your spouse, with your child, with your dad.  Through the snow, against the wind, under the rain, late at night, before dawn.  In your kitchen, in the city, thru the forest, in your office, at the park.  Start to move your body anywhere you are, every way you can!  So much time wasted promising yourself to start making changes, never getting anywhere, when meanwhile, you could’ve been feeling healthier and looking greater already.

This world we live in, was created with such perfection and has so much to offer to us. Rich in natural resources, with endless varieties of the most exquisite and nutritional selection of  fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, repleted with maximum nourishing values and healing powers and yet, generation after generation, people’s health continue to regress at the most uncontrollable and inexplicable way, particularly in what we seem to call and describe as “the civilized countries”.  Most of those atrocious changes in their health are nothing other than the result of their conscious and deliberate negligent choices made despite the massive amount of educational information coming across countless sources and all directions.

It is almost impossible and unavoidable to turn on the TV, browse through a magazine, go to the beauty parlor, the supermarket or the coffee shop without hearing or reading about the bags of warnings on “how bad this and that is for you“. Nonetheless, people still go grocery shopping and stuff their carts with nothing other than processed food, and never grab one single natural, healthy and nourishing item to eat. 

For those who are conscious about the irreparable consequences of eating unhealthy, and are seeking for ways to improve their health towards a golden future, here is  Health Design to deliver the answers you’re looking for.

His mind is made up and he’s on his way to change his life.

How about you?