Hospitality Review

When it comes to restaurants, bars and hotels, the first thought that crosses to my mind is: “Hygiene”. My parents home was the first sanitation school I attended since day one. My mother believes that the greatest creation on earth was “bleach”. She ensured the house looked and smelled clean, polished and sterile at all times. My dad worked in some of the finest hotels in the world, and to him, spotlessness and elegancy was also “a must”. As a result, my brothers and I grew up in pristine environments and learned that we just can’t have it any other way.  I later joined the hotel industry, and had the time of my life working in South Africa alongside Austrian, German, British, French and Swiss experts in the field, learning about the exquisite and fine things in life, and understood that hygiene is decisive in the world of hospitality, as it is in our own homes.

That being said, I bring you “Hospitality Review“. Here I will take a close look at hotels that offer sterile environments where you can lay back and enjoy your time off. I will also scrutinize restaurants where to savor scrumptious meals, ensureing  that they are prepared in a wholesome environment, and are served in style by professionals who know and respect their trade, and enjoy providing higher level of service.

Share with Naturally Inés those hotels and restaurants that you most enjoy going to, by virtue of their delicious and healthy dishes, cleanliness and professional service, inviting world travelers to enjoy them too.

Allow me!