The Wallingford Victorian Inn

The Wallingford Victorian Inn

How exciting… my first hotel review for Naturally Inés, and thrilled to share with you my experience at “The Wallingford Victorian Inn” during my visit to Wallingford, Connecticut.

When you long for a breakaway alone with your spouse, or simply want to getaway from the office, the phones, the computer, the heavy traffic and everyone around you, The Wallingford Victorian Inn is where you want to be.  My husband and I decided to escape the merciless southern heat and change scenarios for a while, and arrived at this English styled mansion that offers all the peace we’ve been longing for.

Staying at this Victorian styled refuge, will not only grant you the much needed tranquility you dreamt of, but it will transport you into a time of glamour and style that you did not imagine.  The exquisite and tasteful way in which this place is decorated, will give you no reason to go out for site seeing.  As I opened the front door and stepped inside, it felt as though I were traveling through time into an era of enchantment and elegancy that I did not expect at all.  I was totally overwhelmed by the remarkable and alluring world awaiting for me inside.  The attention to detail is extraordinary, and it makes it hard to believe that it’s the year 2017.

As I continue to explore every corner of this heavenly spot, movies such as “Sense and Sensibility”“Somewhere in Time” and “Pride and Prejudice” suddenly invade my mind, and a stroll through the first and second floor alone, will be sufficient to make you want to rethink your own home’s furniture and decoration.  So, if a change is what you are looking for, you’ll find that here all right, the moment you step into this dramatically enchanting hideaway.

This place offers many tranquil spaces where you can uninterruptedly enjoy that book you’ve been wanting to read for so long.  If you didn’t bring one, don’t worry, the house’s library has shelves loaded with an inviting selection of reading material  of all types and for all tastes. “The Godfather”, “The Devil’s Advocate”, “Life Magazines”, encyclopedias, novels, poetry, a couple of german language books, and even a few copies of the old “The Wallingford Post“. They have it all!  Take the publication of your choice and walk to the front porch or the back of the house where you’ll find multiple seating areas under and imposing oak tree, surrounded by colorful flowers that will detox your nervous system and refresh your mind to a point of rejuvenation.  If you like to scout around the area without going to far, hop onto one of their courtesy bicycles and go for a cruise around the neighborhood while inhaling loads of fresh air.

The house consists of five astonishing suites, and each one illustrates their individual charm.  No matter which one you’ll occupy, you’re still going to want to be in the one next to yours, or the one across.  They’re all extremely attractive and supplied with all those little things that come so handy to travelers, such as shaving cream, ear plugs, mouthwash, makeup remover wipes, cotton swabs, nail file, toothbrush & toothpaste, a sewing kit, and other odds and ends that I don’t even think The Concord carried.  Let me tell you about that bathroom… The immaculate white curtain in it, hides a five head, spa-like shower behind it .  I could stand there for hours ’til there’s no more water left in town.  If you wish to confine yourself in the solitude of your room all day, you may just want to watch tv, or surf the net from the comfort of your snuggling bed, and tip-toe outside your suite from time to time, to grab a cup of coffee or something cool to drink without going far .  I can picture myself, all nestled up in that magestic bed, in front of the fireplace, reading a book, while listening soft music, and watching the snow come down with a cup of hot coco to keep me warm.

The first morning, my husband and I headed towards the breakfast room.  A table set up for kings and queens was awaiting us down on the first floor, and if you watched the movie “The Remains of the Day”, the breakfast room at The Wallingford Victorian Inn will positively remind you of it.   It was not Mr. Stevens nor Miss Kenton serving the morning meal, it was Kennie Ball, the adorable  innkeeper who’ll see at all times that you have everything you need to make your stay an unforgettable one.  Having seen her in action, one thing I can say for sure… “she’s irreplaceable”.

There’s so much to say about this sanctuary like residence, but I won’t give it all away.  It is your turn to discover the magic inside it.  Now, if you decide to live the upmost true Victorian experience, put that sewing kit to good use and stitch yourself the mot stunning dress with those drapes in the “Elizabeth Hull Suite”.

I guarantee you’ll love this place.  I did!

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