Still hope for those hands

There’s still hope for your poor old hands!

Look at them, they worked so hard for so long, and now you’re even embarrassed to show them.  They helped you take care of your family and your home for so many years.  They worked in the garden during those cold winter days, and under the scorching summer heat.  You laid tiles, and built stone driveways with them.  They worked in the kitchen washing vegetables and scrubbing pots day in and day out.  They’ve been exposed to harsh cold and hot waters, iced-cold winds, snow, the burning sun, they handled tools, chemicals and dirt that left them looking like beef-jerky, and a hand shake feels more like holding to a tree branch.

Don’t let this tiny problem sadden you.  The solution is simpler than you imagined.  The foremost, A-1 ingredient and the answer to this problem is solve with “lemon juice”. Yes… as simple as that!  When your day is over and you are almost ready to jump into bed, cut a lemon in half, save one half in your fridge for another day, and the other half keep it in a little plastic container in your bathroom.  Wash your hands thoroughly with hot water, and scrub them preferably with a wash cloth.  Once you remove all the dirt particles, dry them up a squeeze a nice shot of lemon juice on the palm of one hand.  Rub both hand with the juice all around the fingers and under the nails.  Keep flashing your hands in the air until the juice dries up and won’t feel sticky at all.  If your hands are extremely dry, wait ’til the juice dried up and give your hand a second shot of lemon juice. Continue to rub them again until the second coat dries up.  Now, take a small amount of hand lotion and rub it on your hands after the lemon has completely dried up.  Do not wash or rinse your hands.  They’re now ready to go’n rest too.

It’s now a new morning… Can you feel and see the difference in your hands already?  Yes… the miraculous repairing properties of vitamin C in the lemon juice did it!  I bet you can’t believe how soft they feel after so long, am I right?  If you managed to accomplished these results in one single night, now think what they would look like after one week of this treatment.  Not only that, but for those ladies whose nails were always breaking up and chipping off,  you’ll also notice how much stronger and harder they’ll start getting.  Shape those nails with a file and give them two coats of nail polish, and they’ll look neat, pretty and presentable again.  You’ll stare at them all day long.

Now, if your hands are in extreme bad shape, you may want to start with a nice scrub of lemon juice and one teaspoon of sugar.   Rub them hard and long with these two ingredients for +/- 5 minutes.  Rinse them with warm water and then do the lemon juice alone as instructed above.

You don’t need to spend money on a beauty saloon or a nail spa.  No laser treatment of expensive, useless creams.  It’s all in your kitchen, and it all works wonders.  Be happy about your hands and celebrate them, take good care of them, and think of how many people don’t have hands or arms and dream of how happy they would be, and all the wonderful things they would do with them if they had any! Love your hands for everything they’ve done for you. Thru them, you’ll feel the love from your family and friends who’ll enjoy holding them a lot longer and more often.

Learn to ware gloves as much as you can.  I know it’s not always possible.  I myself have to do the same all the time.  Is not always practical, but I have to think of how damage my hands would suffer if I didn’t take care of them.  I take care of a household, my family, I cook, do laundry, gardening, wash my car sometimes, iron, I mostly do my dishes and pots by hand. When the night comes and I’m done with my daily chores, I wash my hands thoroughly with a wash-cloth, pat them dry and squirt a generous shot of lemon juice in my hands and rub them gently and patiently all over, including under my nails.  That’s how they get a lot stronger too. But I’ll save that topic for another chapter.

Do this for your own hands, but also, for your husbands hands if he’s too tired to do so himself.  I do it for him all the time, but in addition to the lemon and the hand lotion, I add another special ingredient that not many women or husbands are willing to spare… I add loads of “love” to taking care of those hands who hug me and caress my hair and face when we go to bed on a cold winter night and cuddle under the blankets to watch together and old movie.  His hands constantly demonstrate how much he loves me.  His touch was the first sign of love I felt running through my entire body the first time he held my hand.  How could I not care for those hands? ♥

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