My Beautiful Gardenia

My Beautiful Gardenia

This the story of a woman like no one you ever met before.

She is the true definition of “exceptional”, and I tell you… God only made one like her.

After a childhood of hardships and misfortunes, she performed her duties as mother and wife like no one I ever encountered before.  She tailored her children’s, her husband’s and her own clothes.  From shirts, blouses, coats and jackets, she made absolutely everything, including the Hollywood-style, wedding gown of her daughter.  She can knit one sweater per day.  She cooks and bakes fine and exotic dishes, better than any chef I know.  Since day one, she walked years in the rain, against the wind, and under the scorching sun, to bring her kids to school, and pick them up, day in and day out.  She can paint a wall as well as she can build it. She organized surprise birthday, and carnival parties for her children and husband, hosting dozens of guests, cooking and baking every single dish from scratch with her own soft, little, and delicate hands.  She helped her children with their homework, and gave up a lot of her own dreams, to pay for their piano and guitar lessons instead.  She doctored them when they were sick, and sat tirelessly all night along their bedsides to watch over them.  Her house is the prettiest on the block, and all her neighbors enjoy visiting, because it is always filled with human warmth, and a very strong homy and snugging feel to it.  She always welcomes her guests with something soothing to drink, and a freshly baked treat, that comes right out of her oven.  Her house has the prettiest floral garden, which is year-round perfectly manicured by her own hands.  She breaded faizans, parrots, doves, chickens and ducks. She had four dogs, and for a short while, even took care of a hungry and sick old horse. Her friends and neighbors visit her often, seeking for wise advise on issues about their children, their husbands or wives. They consult her about illnesses, cooking recipes, plants, or confide their most personal concerns, knowing they’ll get thoughtful guidance from her.  Everybody finds relief after talking to her, and nobody walks out of that house without her warm, tender hug, and a red print of her lips on their cheeks.  An embrace by this woman’s arms, will dry your tears away, will help you forget all your troubles, and you’ll feel like you lastly found “peace on earth”.

This woman is very beautiful, as she is smart and talented.  She’s a sophisticated lady who speaks four languages, travelled to many attractive destinations, and has exquisite taste for fine things.  She is delighting, and easy to talk to, and possesses a sparkling personality.  Her passions are cooking, flowers and artistic painting. Her weaknesses are her family, her friends and perfumes.  I don’t know how she does it, but somehow, she always manages to smell like a fresh gardenia, and looks smashing.  She is delicate and very elegant.  Her eyes convey candor, integrity, and pure love.  She has the mosts dazzling smile, but she won’t take a step out her front door without her lipstick. “…I feel naked without it!”, she claims.

She is the most unselfish person I ever met. She looses total sleep when her family or friends are stressed. This world is about to burst in anger, but this exemplary woman will still do whatever is necessary to try to bring happiness and harmony to it. She will never give up. It is never too late for her!

She is tiny and introverted. She is sensible and cries easily.  Yet, she carries that comforting shoulder everyone needs from time to time to cry on. She is strong willed, and she’ll bring Goliath down with her own fists if she has to. Nothing is ever too much for this extraordinary woman.  Nothing is too difficult or impossible for her.  Because she puts her heart in everything she does, everything comes out always “perfect”.  Nobody ever does as much for her, as she does and continues to do for others.  But that is fine with her, because she never expects anything in return.

God has no worries when this fine creation of him is around.  The world is safe with her on it, as I have all my life growing up by her side.  Her name is Edith, and she is my beautiful gardenia.

Mother, how much I love you!

Inés Demers

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  1. How delightful, Ines! I feel as much love for my mother, and my heart warms reading your Beautiful Gardenia. The older I get, the more we enjoy one another’s company, and the more we seem to understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. We are looking forward to many more years together. Love your description. Thank you for sharing this.

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